LOGOS Christian Community is a faith-based club at York University with a purpose to form community, to integrate faith with learning, and to follow Jesus Christ with our lives and into our neighbourhoods. We seek to prepare students for a lifetime of walking-out our faith in an environment of many faiths, complex social systems, and deep-seated biases. We aim to assist students in developing a holistic worldview and leadership capacities that have the potential to transform culture for God and for Good.
LOGOS: Greek n. word, reason
  • in Philosophy=the rational principle that governs and develops the universe
  • in Theology=the divine word or reason made human in Jesus ChristJohn 1:1–1

LOGOS Christian Community is a place to:

  • belong with other inquiring minds and passionate hearts
  • be real enough to admit that sincere questions deserve conversation, not clichés
  • believe that faith makes a difference in all areas of life, not just the spiritual

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